Governing Body Assurance

Quarterly Checkpoint Meetings

The quarterly checkpoint meetings give an assessment of Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs) for each quarter of the year, as part of an annual assurance process carried out by NHS England. This is to ensure that CCGs are complying with their statutory duties and are able to commission safely, use their budgets responsibly, and exercise their functions to improve quality, reduce inequality and deliver improved outcomes within the available resources.

In addition to reviewing compliance with a CCG’s statutory duties, the assurance process will be one of the mechanisms employed to assess performance against a CCG’s delegated duties, such as the commissioning and monitoring of out of hours services etc. As announced on 1 May 2014, a CCG’s delegated duties may be extended during 2014/15 to include enhanced powers and responsibilities to co-commission primary care.

The letter and action log below provide a summary of the meeting and actions agreed at the meeting.

Action and Issues Log

Quarter 1 (2014) Action and Issues Log

Letter to SDCCG re Quarterly Checkpoint Meeting

Quarter 1 (2014) Letter to SDCCG re Quarterly Checkpoint Meeting

Last modified: 02/10/2014