Previous Requests February 2018

02/02/2018 792/18

 1. Has the CCG accepted and processed any retrospective reviews or previously unassessed period of care in relation to Continuing Health Care for the period post March 2012. April 2012 – January 2018?

2. If the answer to 1 is yes then what has the financial impact been to the CCG?  

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Click here for response 05/02/2018 793/18  Is the treatment listed below routinely available to patients according to its NICE TAG? YES/NO
•         Aflibercept for treating choroidal neovascularisation
(Technology appraisal guidance [TA486] Published date: 01 November 2017)  
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 08/02/2018 794/18 

 I would be grateful if you could send me the following details on each of the procedures listed below:

Procedures: Blepharoplasty; ptosis repair; ectropion repair; entropion repair; brow lift; chalazion incision and curettage; benign skin lesion excision/surgical management; periocular botulinum toxin injections; adult strabismus surgery; lacrimal surgery procedures (including dacrocystorhinostomy, punctoplasty, punctal plugs); any others you believe fall under the remit of oculoplastic surgery that have not been listed.

For each of the above:
• Are they routinely funded?
• If not routinely funded, how is this service accessed (eg criterion based access, individual funding request, other)
• If criterion based access, what are these criteria?
• Were any ophthalmologists/optometrists consulted when creating the policy for the procedure? If so, please provide us with their name and role.

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 12/02/2018  796/18

 1. Please state the total number of girls aged 16 and under given the contraceptive implant Nexplanon (or equivalent brand as described here: https://www.nhs.uk/conditions/contraception/contraceptive-implant/) in each of the these calendar years:
a) 2017
b) 2016
c) 2015
NB: If data for calendar years is not available, please provide data for financial years and highlight that this is the case.

2. For each year, a), b) and c), please break down this total number into the following age brackets:
i) Aged 16
ii) Aged 15
iii) Aged 14
iv) Aged 13
v) Aged under 13

a) Does the CCG have any current policy or guideline on contraceptive implants? (Yes or No)
b) If yes, please provide a direct link or attach the document, stating page number if applicable.

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 Could you please provide me with access to the equality impact assessment that Derbyshire CCGs used to inform their decision to cease prescribing gluten free products.

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 12/02/2018  799/18 Under the Freedom of Information Act please could I request the following information:

Name and contact e-mail address for the Primary Care Director / Head of Primary Care

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 13/02/2018  800/18

 I wanted to check the email addresses of your Chair, Chief Executive, Chief Finance Officer and their respective PA(s) for our records       

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 13/02/2018 801/18   .1. Which company(s) holds the contract to supply your current Sexual Assault Referral Services (SARCs)
2. Please state the full name of your CCG
3. Please state if this service was procured through a framework agreement with other trusts (if so please provide the names of the other CCG). If yes, please also state which trust holds the contract.
4. Please state the contract start date and end date of your current SARC services.
5. What is the expected total value of the contract?
6. What is your annual budget for SARC services?
7. Are there provisions for contract extensions (including how many years and the extension terms). If yes, please state if the contract extension been awarded
8. Please state the names of the organisations who bid for the contract
9. How many patients are treated annually by your SARCS service providers?
10. What would the procurement model be for future contracts? E.g. will the contract be procured jointly with another CCG?
11. What are the performance standards (KPIs) the current service provider(s) operate under?
12. What is the current provider’s performance against these standards in the last 12 months?
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 14/02/2018  802/18

 •         Does your CCG offer specific programmes for people with Crohn’s and Colitis (inflammatory Bowel Disease) tailored to their condition to support them to self-manage? What does it cover?
•         If you do not offer specific programmes/support, what generic self-management support can people with IBD access and what does it cover?
•         How do people with IBD access support to self-manage their condition in (a) primary care (b) secondary care?
•         How many people with inflammatory bowel disease have accessed self-management programmes or support in (a)  2015 (b) 2016 (c) 2017
•         What (a) specialist (b) generic tools are available locally to support people with Inflammatory Bowel Disease to self-manage their condition
•         What information, support and advice does your CCG signpost people living or affected by Inflammatory Bowel Disease to?

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