Requests - October 2015

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02/10/2015 163/15 1. Who are your current providers for IVF and other forms of assisted conception?

2. On what date(s) did each of the associated contracts of each provider commence?

3. In each case was this a renewal/extension of an existing contract or the implementation of a new contract?

4. Where the contract, for the purposes of delivering fertility/assisted conception services was renewed or extended, how many times previously had the same contract been renewed or extended?

5. Where the contract put in place was new, was this as a result of a procurement process?

6. Where it was the result of a procurement process, please outline the details of the procurement that took place – including the model of procurement, the dates involved and where it was advertised?

7. Where the new contract was put in place without a procurement process having taken place, please confirm whether the provider was an incumbent provider of these services immediately before the contract award and under what grounds this award was made?

8. When you do next intend to 'open a window of opportunity' to potential providers of these services to gain a contract with yourselves for the delivery of such provision?

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05/10/2015 164/15 1. In relation to the IT SLA(s) you hold on behalf of the CCG and the GP Practices how effective do you think the SLA is with your IT Service Provider in detailing all the services your receive? 

2. In relation to the IT SLA(s) you hold on behalf of the CCG and GP Practices how effective do you think the SLA is with your IT Service Provider in driving service improvement year on year?

3. In relation to the IT SLA(s) you hold on behalf of the CCG and GP Practices how effective do you think the SLA is with your IT Service Provider in ensuring alignment between your business needs and the IT services provided?

4. In relation to the IT SLA(s) you hold on behalf of the CCG and GP Practices how effective do you think the SLA is in developing a positive relationship between you and your IT Service Provider?

5. Do you choose your SLA services from a catalogue (often referred to as a Service Catalogue)?

6. Do you have someone who has responsibility as your Service Level Manager for IT SLA(s)?

7. Can you confirm what AFC band pay this individual is?

8. Did you play a part in developing your own SLA or did your IT Service Provider give you a standard one?

9. What is the most important factor of your SLA? Financial Management, Business Alignment, IT Performance Management, Other?

10. Do you have regular review meetings? If yes, how often?

11. Do you have incentives (eg. Additional capital investment, or increased payment for over performance) in your SLA?

12. Do you have penalties in your SLA?

13. Do you use service credits?

14. Do you have key performance indicators based on service availability or system component failures? (Eg. Network)

15. Does the SLA detail costs by service or an overall cost?

16. Does the SLA set out clearly the roles and responsibilities of the customer/user and the provider?

17. How is the SLA communicated to the users of the service?

18. How do you get feedback from the users of the services?

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03/10/2015 165/15 Please provide the following costs for Interpreting and Translation Services as used by your trust:

1. Face-to-face Interpreting (cost per hour - present supplier)

2. Face-to-face Interpreting (total spend 2014-15)

3. Translation Costs (per 100 words - present supplier)

4. Translation Costs (total spend 2014-15)

5. In addition please provide a copy of the successful supplier’s tender document.

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05/10/2015 166/15

1. What happens when a patient dies in the care of the trust and there are no details of the next of kin provided?

2. Who tries to locate/trace the next of kin if the information is unknown? (name, department and contact details)

3. What are the steps taken to locate the next of kin of the deceased patient?

4. What happens when the trust is unable to locate the next of kin?

5. If the patient dies within the care of the trust and the next of kin cannot be traced, whose responsibility is it to provide a funeral? (name and contact details)

6. On how many instances has the trust provided a funeral for a patient (time frame January 2014 to present)?

7. Of these public health funerals please provide:

a) Name of deceased
b) Date of birth and date of death
c) Last residential address
d) Have the next of kin/family members been traced?
e) What date have the details been referred to the QLTR, Bona Vacantia, Treasury Solicitor, Government Legal Department, National Ultimus Haeres, Duchy or Farrer & Co?

8. Have there been cases where the trust has referred/or plan on referring details of the deceased patient to the Treasury Solicitor/Government Legal Department, Bona Vacantia, National Ultimus Haeres, Crown Solicitor, Duchy Farrer & Co or QLTR?

9. Which other organisations have details (of the deceased with no known kin) been passed to and why?

10. Does the trust conduct an asset search and/or will search?

11. Which department deals with the deceased’s assets? (Name and contact details)

12. Is the trust responsible for selling the assets in order to compensate for the funeral costs?

13. Does the trust have an Empty Homes department? (Name, contact details)

14. What is the role of the Empty Homes department?

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05/10/2015 167/15

Provide the following details for any Medicine Management QIPP schemes you have, ideally within Primary Care:

  • Operational Guidelines
  • Performance/Improvement/Quality Metrics
  • Value of QIPP scheme
  • Risks associated with scheme

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07/10/2015 168/15 1. Does the CCG have any documents that are used to cover the treatment of Prostate Cancer e.g. Referral Pathways / Care Pathways / Prescribing Guidelines if so please could you provide us with a copy.

2. Additionally we would also like to request any Referral Pathways / Care Pathways / Prescribing Guidelines for General Adult Nutrition.

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07/10/2015 169/15 1. Details of any funding attributed or budgeted for, within the current financial year, to be spent on physical activity or exercise promotion, including in cases where the CCG is funding joint-initiatives with other local partners.

2. Can you also please provide a best estimate of the total current annual spend by the CCG for the current financial year?

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08/10/2015 170/15

1. In your area, do you commission armed forces veteran-specific healthcare service(s)?

2. If yes, can you please outline the service provision commissioned by the CCG in your area?

3. If no, can you tell us if veteran-specific healthcare service provision for your area is part of your CCG commissioning intentions for the future?

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13/10/2015 171/15 1. The percentage of your budget allocated to non-NHS providers.

The percentage should be computed as the contract expenditure with non-NHS providers out of the total expenditure on acute hospital provision.

Provide me the longest time series that you have available?

Provide me those data broken down at financial year level, please?

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14/10/2015 172/15 Expenditure on/procurement budget for the years 2010-2014 (inclusive) for NHS Southern Derbyshire CCG, awarded to each of the following areas:

1. Telehealth
2. Telecare
3. Digitally-enabled services for health and/or social care provision (if this includes a number of different elements then please include the breakdown into whichever categories you break it into)

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22/10/2015 173/15 1. What medicines management solutions/tools do you use? (Eg. Eclipse, Script switch, etc.)

a. If so, please advise the approximate annual cost of procurement of these to the nearest five thousand pounds

2. Do you currently connect multiple data sources? (eg. SUS, Primary Care, Ambulance, Social Data)

a. If so, which data do you current connect?
b. If so, do you currently have a business intelligence system which connects these data sources?

3. Do you have outcomes based contracts?

a. If so what system do you use to monitor them?

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23/10/2015 174/15 I want to make a Freedom of Information request, could you please send me the following information with regards to the organisation’s Mobile Phones. You may have received the same request in the past and this information sent has now expired and I require an update as soon as possible for the following information:

If there is more than one provider please split all the information including the annual average spend, number of users, duration, contract dates and internal contact details. 

1. Network Provider(s) - Please provide me with the network provider name

2. Annual Average Spend- Can you please provide me with the average annual spend over the 3 years. If this is a new contract can you please provide the estimated annual spend.

3. Number of Users- Number of connections for each network provider.

4. Duration of the contract- please state if the contract also include contract extensions for each provider.

5. Contract Start Date- please can you provide me with the start date of the signed agreement. Please do not provide me with the framework contract date i require the contract dates of the signed agreement.

6. Contract Expiry Date- please can you provide me with the expiry date of the signed agreement. Please do not provide me with the framework contract date i require the contract dates of the signed agreement. If the contract is rolling please state.

7. Contract Review Date- Please can you provide me with a date on when the organisation plans to review this contract

8. The person within the organisation responsible for this particular contract. Can you send me the full contact details Contact Name, Job Title, Contact Number and direct email address for each network provider? If full contact details cannot be provided please send me the actual job title.

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26/10/2015 175/15 Can you please inform me whether any block or assured/risk share contract payment arrangements for planned elective care have been in place for each of 2013/14; 2014/15; and 2015/16, and if they have been in place what the value of those block contracts have been and with which providers of care those contracts have been placed with. Click Here for Response



1.  Are there any gainshare agreements in place between you the CCG and a provider (e.g. hospital trust)?

2.  Who (what position) within the CCG is responsible for the agreement?

3. How and in what form are the savings from any gainshare given to the provider? 

Gainshare Agreement: Where the benefits associated with more efficient use of medicines not reimbursed through national prices is shared between the provider and the clinical commissioning group party to the agreement.

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27/10/2015 177/15 NHS England told CCGs to set up urgent and emergency care networks earlier this year.

Please can you tell me:

  • What date your local network was set up
  • List of organisations represented in your local network (i.e. primary care, acute provider, mental health provider). Please give the name of the organisation for each member.
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28/10/2015 178/15 1. We understand the CCG has representation on the following medicines management/prescribing/formulary committees: Derbyshire Joint Area Prescribing Committee

Please confirm if this is correct.

2. Does the CCG have representation on any other medicines management/prescribing/
formulary committees? If so, please advise which.

3. Does the CCG take a lead role on any of the above committees? If so, please advise which.

4. If the CCG does not take a lead role, please advise which CCGs take lead roles on the above committees.

5. Does the CCG, or any of the above committees on which it sits, reference a regional drug evaluation body (RDEB) for advice when determining products for formulary inclusion (such as London Medicines Evaluation Network, Wolfson Institute, a regional medicines information service etc.)?  If so, please advise which RDEB/s.

6. Which organisation/committee’s advice takes precedence when making local formulary decisions (RDEB or medicines management/prescribing/formulary committee)?

7. We have the following formularies listed as used by the CCG: Derbyshire Joint Area Prescribing Committee Traffic Lights Classification

Please confirm if this is correct and if not, please provide a link/copy of relevant formularies.

8. Are any of the above formularies dominant when making prescribing decisions or does this depend on therapy area?

9. If dependent on therapy area, please advise which formulary is dominant when making prescribing decisions for diabetes products.

10. Does your CCG work with any other CCGs as a federation?  If so, which CCGs?

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