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NHS Southern Derbyshire Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) and care organisations in south Derbyshire have come together to plan changes to the way local services are provided to make them fit for the future. We began the Joined Up Care in Belper review in 2015 to understand what was needed. 

The review continues as part of Derbyshire’s Sustainability& Transformation Plan, known as Joined Up Care Derbyshire, but there is a pressing need to resolve the challenges presented by Babington Hospital. 

There has been a review undertaken looking at how our health services are provided in and around Belper to understand how, with the changing health needs of the local population, we may need to alter how services are delivered.  

We talked to people in and around Belper as part of some “pre-engagement” work, to share our findings about health needs and get feedback from local people. In February 2016 the CCG’s Governing Body noted the outcomes of the pre-engagement and approved that options should continue to be developed for public consultation.

You can find information about pre-engagement here.

You can learn more about the review in the video link below:

Belper Health Services Review - Dr Ian Lawrence Presentation

Latest Update  

At the CCG’s Governing Body meeting on 23 June a consultation was approved in principle. 

The proposed consultation has now gone to NHS England for final consideration. Subject to approval, a 90-day consultation would give local people the chance to say what they think about the proposal. 

Proposals the consultation would outline include: 

  • relocating all services currently provided from Belper clinic
  • relocating the day hospital and other therapy services currently provided from the hospital building
  • re-providing the existing provision of “bedded care”. 

To read the Case for Change document please click here.


For more information please read the below documents: 

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Joined Up Care in Belper Healthcare Service Review for the town and surrounding areas interim report - October 2015.
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