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In southern Derbyshire there are currently around 10,000 people diagnosed with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) and 33,000 people diagnosed with asthma. In 2016/17 there were 1,093 patients admitted with COPD, 651 for asthma and 3,125 for pneumonia. There is a lack of holistic care with patients often reporting they feel they are seen as a health condition and not as a person. We know that information and education about the conditions is limited and patients tell us that services could be better.

We are proposing a new service that will: 

  • Identify people ‘at risk’ of getting a respiratory disease and provide them with the appropriate diagnostic tests much sooner.
  • Provide patient and carer information and education at diagnosis.
  • Ensure people will be seen by a health professional with specialist knowledge and skills after being diagnosed with a condition.
  • Ensure respiratory related training will be provided for health care professionals to increase knowledge and skills.
  • Ensure Health professionals with specialist skills and knowledge will support patients much sooner rather than wait for them to reach crisis point.
  • Ensure that there will be a standardised care plan that addresses holistic and medical needs.
  • Ensure more people will be able to access Pulmonary Rehabilitation.
  • Ensure more information will be shared about other lifestyle options available e.g. support groups, walking groups.
  • Work towards care becoming more proactive rather than reactive with a focus on prevention at every stage of a patient's journey. 

Further information can be found on our presentation: Respiratory Care

Having read the information about how we want to develop services for the future, we would like to hear your views.To take part in the engagement online, visit

The engagement ends on 5 August 2017

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Last modified: 09/08/2017