NHS Southern Derbyshire CCG Publishes First Annual Report

NHS Southern Derbyshire Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG), the organisation responsible for the healthcare of over 525,000 people in Southern Derbyshire, has published its first annual report. 

The report highlights how in its first year as a statutory organisation, the CCG has achieved significant progress in the delivery and quality of care for patients.  

Against the backdrop of legacy debts and a challenging financial climate, the CCG has managed to return to a financially balanced position without any significant reductions in service. All financial targets in 2013/14 were achieved, with a revenue surplus of 1% or £6.04m that is to be carried forward into future years.  

The clinical leadership provided by the CCG has been able to achieve significant change over a relatively short timescale. Highlights of achievements during the year include: 

A&E target at Derby Hospitals has been achieved for each of the last six months through joint working across the whole health community and with GPs and consultants taking a lead.

  • Discharges from Royal Derby Hospital are at an all-time low.

  • The future of Heanor Memorial Hospital has been an issue for many years, but past proposals have often neglected to recognise the enormous commitment of local people to a well-loved service. By working with local people to develop a solution for Heanor that also accords with the CCG’s vision for the future, there is now a genuine opportunity to create a sustainable model of services.
  • A strong influence on the quality of care that is experienced by patients in its main providers. There is now a good understanding of the key issues in each provider, such as Clostridium Difficile, waiting times and mortality rates, and these are monitored rigorously – through provider Quality Assurance Groups and reports to the CCG’s Governing Body.
  • Creation of community support teams following extensive consultation with GP practices, local authorities and partners. Community support teams are multidisciplinary teams based around general practice in order to support patients with the greatest need. They have input from general practice, community health teams, social care and mental health.  

Andy Layzell, Chief Officer at NHS Southern Derbyshire Clinical Commissioning Group, said: 

“As our Annual Report shows, the CCG has a clear sense of how it wants health services in Southern Derbyshire to develop; good clinical engagement and good relationships with other organisations and an ability to deliver against its intentions.  

“These will all be essential qualities in future because ‘change’ really will be the focus for the next few years with almost every part of the health system facing change to cope.  People are living longer, there is the impact of unhealthy lifestyles and many people have multiple health problems. This will all be extremely challenging, but the CCG, even in its first year, has demonstrated that it has the people, the relationships, and the track record to deliver against its potential and create a whole system that actually cares for people rather than just treating them.” 

The Annual Report is available to read online here

Published: 18/06/2014