Be a Mate, Make a Difference Campaign

Over the past year young people in Derbyshire and Derby city have been helping our Future in Mind commissioners and providers to shape an anti-stigma campaign to make it ok and “normal” to support their mates who may have psychological distress or mental health issues. 

We know that in an average class of 30 schoolchildren, 3 will suffer from a diagnosable mental health disorder. And many of us will have some psychological distress as we grow up. We need to make a difference, and to support each other as we face the challenges of life. By being a mate, and sharing time, young people can make a difference. This is the main campaign message being cascaded through local schools and children's services. The ‘Be a Mate Campaign’ is encouraging schools to join in by becoming “Anti-Stigma Ambassadors” and developing their own actions to tackle stigma and promote great mental health. 

Key messages:

Be a mate –
Check in!
Hear them out!
Share some time!
Make a difference 

For further information, see our click here to see our Future in Mind page, which now includes a newsletter.

For further information on the work in schools contact yvonne.wright@derbyshire.gov.uk or 01629 532837. 

Find the campaign on facebook- search BE A MATE MAKE A DIFFERENCE

Twitter: @BeAMateCampaign

Published: 24/11/2017