Better Care Closer to Home - The Derbyshire Way

How does integrated care make a real difference to patients? How can services work together in new ways to help patients return home from hospital quicker? And how does this all feel for patients? In Derbyshire a new initiative is helping people get back on their feet quicker after a period of illness or injury. 

Joined Up Care Derbyshire has teamed up with NHS England to show in a new video how local people are benefitting from community support beds placed in two care homes. The beds are for patients who are medically well enough to leave hospital but are not quite ready to return home or to the place they will call home.  

In this video, ‘Jean’ and her daughter, as well as members of the health and care team, explain how services are wrapped around the patient, providing rehabilitation and reablement support. 

Joined Up Care Derbyshire – further information on community support beds

Published: 14/12/2018