Child Sexual Exploitation “Say Something if you See Something” Campaign

The Derbyshire County Council Community Safety Team and their partners involved in the Derbyshire Safeguarding Childrens Board are once again supporting the “Say Something if you See Something” campaign. The campaign is aimed at local authorities and organisations who work with young people as well as businesses including hotels, B&Bs, takeaways and taxi firms and provides advice about CSE. 

They are reaching out to CCG staff and practices because they believe we all can play a positive role in preventing Child Exploitation, which puts children and young people at risk. Young people may become involved in criminality, for example, shoplifting, vandalism etc. This behaviour should not always be seen as an act of anti-social behaviour, but should in some cases be seen as a vulnerability factor and an indicator that they may be involved in sexual exploitation.  

The Government definition of child sexual exploitation says: “Child sexual exploitation is a form of child sexual abuse. It occurs where an individual or group takes advantage of an imbalance of power to coerce, manipulate or deceive a child or young person under the age of 18 into sexual activity (a) in exchange for something the victim needs or wants, and/or (b) for the financial advantage or increased status of the perpetrator or facilitator. The victim may have been sexually exploited even if the sexual activity appears consensual. Child sexual exploitation does not always involve physical contact; it can also occur through the use of technology.”  

The Derbyshire County Council Community Safety Team would like to invite you to help protect young people from becoming victims of CSE by displaying the posters available here in your office and staff areas, and to share the information with staff and friends about the campaign. 

For any queries or for any materials, please contact Ali Chandler by emailing or by calling 01629 538 473.

Published: 22/10/2018