Daughter salutes “superb” nursing home

Ilkeston woman Lynn Williams has thanked the “most fantastic nursing home ever” for its outstanding care of her father in his last four months of life.
And she has paid tribute to nursing staff and neighbouring GPs for working hand in glove to meet patients’ needs as part of a pioneering twinning arrangement that has since been replicated widely by NHS Southern Derbyshire Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG).
George Williams, from Spondon, was 81 years old when he went to live in Stanley House, Derby, in June after being diagnosed with motor neurone disease.
Before choosing Stanley House, Lynn and her family had visited dozens of homes and were relieved to have finally found “the perfect one.”
Lynn’s initial impression was that manager Karen Jenkinson and her staff “treated everyone with dignity and respect, and as individuals.”
And her faith in the home was rewarded time and again. For example, there was a card greeting George on arrival, and the staff revamped his room, creating space for his own furniture and photographs. 
When a member of staff discovered that the former power station contractor had enjoyed a regular pint in The Dolphin, Derby, he bought four cans of bitter and put them a fridge that George and other patients used.
George was assigned a key worker called Vicky, who he adored and who arranged for him to have a special wheelchair that allowed him to sit with his leg raised after his existing chair proved uncomfortable. Sadly, changes in George’s condition then prevented him from using the chair.
And in the final hours of his life, Karen joined George’s family in his room and talked to him.
Lynn and her family were so moved by Stanley House’s care for George that they thanked the staff in writing on the order of service for his funeral.
Later, she said she was so impressed by the nursing home that she had put her name on the waiting list – even though she was only 48!
She commended the home and GPs at Dr P.A. Wood and Partners – George’s practice – for communicating so effectively with the family and ensuring that all his primary care needs, such as coughs and colds, were attended to speedily during his time there.
The twinning of Stanley House and sister home Abbeydale with Dr Wood and Partners is an arrangement which has since been replicated by the CCG with many of its 57 GP practices and the nursing homes with which they work in and around Derby. The CCG plans and buys healthcare for 525,000 people.
Stanley House and Abbeydale are visited twice weekly by Drs Niall McKay and Caroline Saxelby, both GPs with Dr Wood’s practice in Park Farm Medical Centre, Derby. The homes also contact the GPs when they need advice while nursing home staff and GPs undertake training together on subjects of common relevance.
Dr McKay explained the work that he and Dr Saxelby do at the two nursing homes:
“We provide acute medical care to patients whose conditions change. For example, a patient might develop a cold or temperature, or become confused. Secondly, we have a proactive role in care management. We anticipate how patients’ conditions are likely to develop, and we plan accordingly with the homes to provide the best possible care and quality of life. It’s also vital to ensure that patients have a good death.”
Dr Sheila Newport, Chair of NHS Southern Derbyshire CCG, said:
“The partnership between Dr Wood’s practice and the Stanley House and Abbeydale nursing homes is superb. They work together to ensure that patients have dignity, friendship and peace of mind as they near the end of their lives. They offer outstanding palliative care and ensure that patients are comfortable.” 

Stanley House and Abbeydale are both managed by Willover Ltd, a family-run business. They provide a wide range of nursing care including end of life and for patients with dementia. Stanley House and Abbeydale have 38 and 36 beds respectively, including some for married couples. 
NHS Southern Derbyshire CCG represents 57 GP practices and is responsible for the healthcare of 525,000 people. It is one of four clinical commissioning groups in Derbyshire.
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Published: 25/04/2014