Governing Body gives the green light to £2.5m health centre for Heanor

The Governing Body of NHS Southern Derbyshire Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) today approved plans for a brand new health facility in Heanor at their meeting at Oakland Village, Swadlincote.

The Governing Body reviewed the outcome of the 90 day consultation on Heanor health services and accepted the recommendation to proceed with the option that had overwhelming support from local people.

The existing Memorial Hospital will now be demolished, the Wilmot Street Health Centre will eventually close and a brand new facility will be built on the current Hospital site.  The new centre will provide services that meet the health requirements of the population. This building will include all existing services with the exception of inpatient beds along with a range of new services which are required to support the health of local people.

NHS Southern Derbyshire Clinical Commissioning Group launched a 90 day consultation on 11 July following the discovery of asbestos at Heanor Memorial Hospital in September 2013. However, the CCG needed to look at the role of other health services as part of its wider responsibility for the health of all residents in the area. These include services based at Wilmot Street Health Centre, those provided in the wider community and those provided in people’s homes.

Andy Layzell, Chief Officer at NHS Southern Derbyshire CCG, said:

“We would like to thank everyone who has taken the time to give us their views on health services in Heanor during the public consultation. We have looked at all the views given to us during the consultation period and I’m very pleased to report that over 90% of people who responded said they supported our proposal.

“Our attention now very quickly moves to the next stages of the project.  We expect that if everything goes to plan, we should expect to have a new health facility opened in Heanor in early 2017 and have a fully developed demolition and construction plan which will meet this deadline. 

“We have said from the start that any new building would take around two years to build once a decision about how to proceed was made. Proposals still need to be finalised  for how the services will fit into a new building and we will work with local people to make sure the design is both fitting for the town and practical in allowing services to stay flexible in the future. 

“The NHS has to follow a formal process to appoint main contractors, such as quantity surveyors, architects and construction teams and we currently expect demolition work can start in April 2015.  We will now be working with Derbyshire Community Health Services NHS Trust to develop a demolition and construction plan to meet this timescale.

“Local people can be assured that this is the quickest this can happen to ensure we follow proper tendering and planning processes. Clearly we could not proceed with these elements of the project until the consultation had finished and a decision had been made, but some preliminary steps have been taken and we will hit the ground running.”

Published: 27/10/2014