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Five priorities have been highlighted so far: 

  1. To do more to prevent ill health and help people take good care of themselves.

  2. To tailor services so they look after and focus on people in their communities, so people get better, more targeted care and support.

  3. To make it easy for people to access the right care, whenever it is needed, so everyone gets better quality, quicker support across the system. This would help keep Accident & Emergency, Minor Injury Units and Urgent Care Centres free for patients who really need them.

  4. To get health and social care working seamlessly together so people get consistently high quality, efficient, coordinated services, without gaps or duplication.

  5. To make organisations as efficient as possible so money is pumped into services and care, with running costs kept low.  

To read about the priorities in more detail, see the plans in more detail here.

Last modified: 30/06/2017