Strategic Plan

Everyone Counts: Planning for Patients 2014/15 to 2018/19 sets out the requirement for NHS Commissioners to develop bold and ambitious five year strategic plans to secure the sustainability of high quality care, aimed at improving outcomes through the delivery of transformational service models.

A key change within the planning process is a shift to longer term five year planning, with operational level detail for the first two years, to enable health systems to meet the financial and demographic challenges facing the CCGs whilst delivering the changes required to improve outcomes for patients and to address inequalities.

The plans are required to be set out at a Unit of Planning level. We have determined that our unit of planning is South Derbyshire which is Southern Derbyshire CCG and Erewash CCG.

Our strategic plan include the following elements:

  • A long term strategic vision

  • An assessment of the current state and current opportunities and challenges facing the system

  • A clear set of objectives, that include the locally set outcome ambition metrics

  • A series of interventions that when implemented move the health system from its current position to achieving the objectives and implementing the vision

The plan has two core sections:

  • A system wide description of what the health economy should look like in five years, described on a Plan on a Page, clearly describing the ambition for improvement of key outcomes and the transformational initiatives designed to achieve our ambition,

  • A narrative describing how we will reach this desired state. The narrative takes the form of a key lines of enquiry submission.

The electronic version of the latest annual plan can be found by clicking here.