Amber Valley North

There are six practices in the Amber Valley North place which have a combined population of approximately 57,000 people. 

The six practices in the Amber Valley North place are: 

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Emma Plummer
Primary & Community Services Directorate
NHS Southern Derbyshire Clinical Commissioning Group
Email: e.plummer@nhs.net

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Why Place-based Care?
Health and social care are complex areas and should be thought of in a wider context. The responsibility for health care is not and should not be only with general practice. Patients should have seamless care not blocked by organisational boundaries. It makes sense to work together with organisations that impact on health and wellbeing to ‘co-produce’ and manage patient care in a coherent and efficient way.Those organisations will include but not be limited to community services, social care, mental health, public health and voluntary sector and community groups. 

There are tangible gains for general practice. Working together with a wider team means that general practice will be able to provide a more coordinated approach to patient care. It will reduce the likelihood of patients bouncing around the system. They will be able to provide the skills and mentorship for others to work together, freeing up more time for them to focus on what they are good at. In addition, the closer working relationships will mean improved access to support and advice when needed. Collaborative working across ‘places’ means that there will be a pooled workforce which should create flexibility in clinicians’ roles. This should make general practice a more attractive profession and allow a wider range of opportunities in the future.  

Clinical leadership
To support the development of Place-based Care in Amber Valley North, Dr Kaysia Heafield has been identified as Clinical Lead for the initial six months. Dr Kaysia Heafield works at Somercotes Medical Centre and her clinical areas of interest are gynaecology, sexual health, diabetes and care of the elderly.  

Working in partnership across practices, organisations that impact on health and wellbeing, and with local patients and community groups, the aim of the role is to provide leadership and agree a joint vision and purpose for the ‘Place’. After expressing an interest in the role, Kaysia has the support of the six practices in Amber Valley North. 

What we are working on
Since September 2016 we have established a wonderfully diverse and passionate stakeholder group across Amber Valley North including representation from the Local Authority, Public Health, Adult and Children’s Social Care, Community Services, the Mental Health Trust, Third Sector and Patient Participation Groups.   

We have started to build a shared understanding of what exactly our ‘Place’ is and learn from each other about the wide variety of assets and opportunities we have to work with to benefit the lives of people in the community. 

Initially, we are looking at how best we support people with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD, a chronic breathing problem) in our area. This has been identified as a priority due to the significant number of patients with this disease in Amber Valley North and the above average number of admissions to hospital.  

We are also looking to develop the support we offer to patients with mental health issues building on a collaborative project between the six practices and the Mental Health Trust.   

A wider stakeholder meeting was held on 27 April where a summary of the health profile information for Amber Valley was presented by representatives from the Amber Valley Health Partnership. In order to develop a more aligned approach to place development,  it was agreed that the priorities of Amber Valley North Place should closely link with those of the Amber Valley Health Partnership in terms of addressing the priority health needs of the population. A draft Terms of Reference for the Group have been developed and these will be consulted on before agreement at the next meeting in the Autumn (date to be confirmed).  

At the stakeholder meeting it was agreed that Working Groups would be established in order for work to be more focused in our key areas. These are: 

  • Ageing Well and Older People

  • Mental Health and Wellbeing

  • Physical Health & Activity  

If anyone is interested in joining any of these working groups (physical health in particular) then please contact Emma Plummer on the details provided above to register your interest.  

The Mental Health Group will be arranged for mid-August and the Physical Activity Group will be arranged pending sufficient interest / expertise amongst the stakeholder group.  

The Ageing Well and Older People Working Group met on 11 July and was well attended by a variety of organisations and stakeholders. The group worked together to address common themes and challenges in their areas of work. The aim of the meeting was to establish some simple actions that organisations could commit to promote closer, more joined up working locally. A plan of this work and a summary of progress will be available at the next stakeholder meeting.