There are seven practices in the City Centre North place which have a combined population of approximately 71,000 people. 

The seven practices in the City Centre North are: 

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Tina Brown
Primary & Community Services Directorate
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Place City Centre North




Why Place-based Care?
Health and social care are complex areas and should be thought of in a wider context. The responsibility for health care is not and should not be only with general practice. Patients should have seamless care not blocked by organisational boundaries. It makes sense to work together with organisations that impact on health and wellbeing to ‘co-produce’ and manage patient care in a coherent and efficient way. Those organisations will include but not be limited to community services, social care, mental health, public health and voluntary sector and community groups.  

There are tangible gains for general practice. Working together with a wider team means that general practice will be able to provide a more coordinated approach to patient care. It will reduce the likelihood of patients bouncing around the system. They will be able to provide the skills and mentorship for others to work together, freeing up more time for them to focus on what they are good at. In addition, the closer working relationships will mean improved access to support and advice when needed. Collaborative working across ‘places’ means that there will be a pooled workforce which should create flexibility in clinicians’ roles. This should make general practice a more attractive profession and allow a wider range of opportunities in the future.   

Clinical leadership
To support the development of Place-based Care in City Centre North, Drs Raj Komal and Richard Crowson have been identified as Clinical Leads.  

Dr Komal works at Wilson Street Surgery and has been working with the CCG for a number of years – his experience will be of great benefit to the Place.

Dr Crowson works at Macklin Street Surgery and is also the Lead Clinician for Mental Health at Southern Derbyshire Clinical Commissioning Group Governing Body level; this will provide a vital link to the work of the Place.

Working in partnership across practices, organisations that impact on health and wellbeing, and with local patients and community groups, the aim of the role is to provide leadership and agree a joint vision and purpose for the ‘Place’. 

What we are working on
Practices within City Centre North have been meeting to identify the priority areas for their population. The key focus areas based on these discussions have been identified as:

  • People with enduring mental health problems

  • Drug and alcohol misuse

  • Respiratory and COPD

The Practices are also keen to understand and tackle health inequality and the effect of deprivation on health. 

The place has begun conversations with Derbyshire Healthcare Foundation Trust as they start to work collaboratively to understand and scope the issues and potential solutions around mental health service provision.

The Place has also made useful links with Public Health specifically around smoking cessation for those identified with respiratory and COPD.

A key piece of work for the Place is the identification and understanding of what is available from the 3rd sector (voluntary organisations) to people within their local community.  We are planning to have a ‘market-place’ event in May to promote these services.