General Information

NHS Five Year Forward View/Gaps 
The Five Year Forward View (5YFV) was issued in October 2014 by NHS Chief Executive Simon Stevens. It set out the direction of travel for the NHS for the next five years and beyond to meet a number of challenges facing the service. 

In summary it:
recognises that the NHS has performed remarkably well despite the biggest financial challenge in its 66 year
articulates the need for change;
addresses three gaps:
  - the health and wellbeing gap
  - the care and quality gap
  - the funding and efficiency gap;
describes the vision for the future and the journey to get there including making the case for additional
   government funding;
calls on all partners in the system to work together to implement change.

The FYFV also articulates that the NHS needs to change because:
the pattern of disease has changed – long term conditions now account for around 70% of the NHS budget;
new techniques and technologies have enabled advanced treatments – technology is transforming our ability
   to predict, diagnose and treat disease;
there are better ways to deliver care – new care models are being developed within the NHS and
finances remain tight – budget pressures are expected to continue.

The FYFV leaves the detailed planning and delivery down to local health systems. It is in our gift to define how this happens locally, but this comes with the need for an increased pace of change and for us to start to see the transformation across health and social care.

Annual Planning
In addition to five year plans, the NHS produces annual plans setting out the priorities for the financial year. NHS England has recently published their Business Plan 2016/17, whilst we have just published our Operational Plan, discussed below. 

NHS England’s Business Plan for 2016/17 was published on 31 March 2016 and sets out 10 business priorities for the coming year, reflecting the main themes of the government mandate, detailing how it will improve health and secure high quality healthcare for the people of England, now and for future generations.  

The priorities are grouped under the following themes: improving health, transforming care and controlling costs. These themes embody the agenda of the Five Year Forward View. 

We are responsible for producing two separate, but connecting, plans:
A five-year Sustainability and Transformation Plan (STP), place-based and driving the Five Year Forward View;
A one year Operational Plan for 2016/17, organisation-based but consistent with the emerging STP.


The Five Year Forward View Infographic