Derbyshire Five Year Plan

The Sustainability & Transformation Plan (STP) is new. It will be a five year plan and we have agreed that it will cover the whole of Derby city and Derbyshire. 

What is it?

Following the publication of the NHS’s England’s Five Year Forward View, NHS England has asked us to develop a plan to show how the local NHS will cope with a number of challenges in the next five years. We have agreed that this plan will cover the whole of Derbyshire and Derby city and all CCGs, councils and service providers will work together to decide how to meet these challenges. We’ll also link in with the voluntary sector and other partners to develop a comprehensive local plan. 

Our plan was submitted in June 2016 for implementation from October 2016 and is aimed at tackling three main issues:

The health and wellbeing gap – how can we prevent unnecessary ill health and early death?
The care quality gap – how can we ensure we meet care targets and improve quality?
The finance gap – how can we make sure that we can deliver improved services with the available money? 

Our approach is summarised in the chart below, showing the aims and levers for change within our local health and care system, along with five headline areas where change is required.

Aims and Levers for Change

To do this we have to make a transformational shift from institutional to community care:

Delivering proactive, preventative health and well-being services in an increasingly resourced restrained context.
Developing integrated primary/community and social care delivery models within place, that are responsible for whole population budgets
Ensuring our hospitals and specialist providers deliver the specialist care only they can, focusing on sustainable access, quality and cost (not income)
Developing optimised clinical networks, clinical support functions, management and back-office across Derbyshire organisations and those with patient flows in surrounding footprints
Ensuring we capitalise on key system enablers including workforce, technology and assets & estates.