Derby City Council

In April 2012, Derby City Council’s Adult Social Care Team began the first phase of the personalisation journey in Derby. A new toolkit was developed; all front line staff had 2-3 days training and restructured the way in which they were organised. The council then began to offer customers self-directed support and personal budgets.  

The following year they undertook a review to check out how well they were doing and to gear up for the introduction of the Care Act. Then, from April 2014 they began the second phase of their personalisation journey in Derby, bringing the management of mental health services back into the Council, expanding local area coordination and creating Home First to really make an impact with re-ablement.  

They have made great progress in implementing a personalised approach to adult social care in Derby since 2012. All of their customers living at home now have a personal budget and increasing numbers take this as a direct payment to manage their own care and support.  

In 2015 they published a refreshed adult social care strategy, ‘Your Life, Your Choice’, which described the way in which they need to prevent, avoid and delay people’s needs for ‘formal’ care services.  

The third major phase of their personalisation journey started in July 2016 with the introduction of Talking Points, which is their approach to Community Led Support in Derby. They will further reform the ‘front end’ of their system, changing the conversation that they have with potential customers at the point of ‘assessment’ to build on personal, family and community resources – really driving the reduction / delay / prevention of the need for formal care services. They will be taking their ‘conversations’ with people into local communities. 

They will be doing this as part of a national programme led by the NDTI (National Development Team for Inclusion), with a number of other local authorities doing similar work, learning with and from each other.  

The two key strands of the Community Led Support programme will be to develop:  

  • Community led conversations - redesigning customer pathways to generate efficiency, quality of outcomes, proportionate response and the creation of local community ‘hubs’
  • Community led social work – thinking about the ideal model of delivery / team culture that seeks to maximise the opportunities associated with this.  

There has been overwhelming support for their decision to do this work, both within and outside of the council, with people coming forward to get involved.  

The programme started in the Alvaston area but has quickly expanded. There is now a Talking Points in each of the four social care locality team areas. Details of the dates, venues and times of each Talking Points can be found on the Derby City Council website along with a video about Talking Points and some customer stories. 

If you want to know more about the community led support programme please contact:  

Justin Worton
Derby City Council
T: 01332 642 908
E: Justin.worton@derby.gov.uk