Derbyshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust

The Sustainability Transformation Plan (STP) is being developed based on the needs of local citizens and communities. Clinicians, professionals, staff and wider partners are central to the development of the STP. Derbyshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust’s new strategy is in line with the emerging system-wide plan and aims to be flexible in its approach.  

The strategy is aimed at providing the framework for the next five years whilst recognising that the health and care landscape will change for providers, commissioners and patients. A key feature of the STP will be the move towards ‘place-based systems of care’. The Trust’s strategy has to contribute towards the success of the system plan by working with partners such as the CCGs, other providers, the voluntary sector and our patients.  

The emerging STP for mental health clearly aligns community based services to ‘places’ putting greater emphasis on lower level interventions within ‘place’ and enhanced community teams, including crisis, aligned to place. Whilst it may not be possible to replicate all services directly at ‘place’ level there is a need to be fully aligned with a far greater emphasis on the link between physical and mental health. More specialist services such as urgent care will be outside of ‘place’ but with a greater link to emergency departments and also back to enhanced community teams (physical and mental health) with the aim of reducing emergency admissions.  

Services will be developed together with commissioners, partner organisations and patients. It is fully recognised that whilst Derbyshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust may be the lead for mental health services it will not necessarily deliver everything itself, but will need to develop partnerships across the pathway.