There are three practices in the Heanor place which have a combined population of approximately 25,000 people. 

The three practices in the Heanor place are: 

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Emma Plummer
Primary & Community Services Directorate
NHS Southern Derbyshire Clinical Commissioning Group
Email: e.plummer@nhs.net

Place Heanor


Why Place-based Care?
Place-based care strives for the needs of patients to be at the centre of the Health and social care organisations that are there to support them. We aim for Health and social care provision to be thought of in a wider context. We know that only15% of patient outcomes can be improved by health care alone. Patients should have seamless care not restricted by organisational boundaries. It makes sense to work together with organisations that impact on health and wellbeing to ‘co-produce’ and manage patient care in a coherent and efficient way.Those organisations will include but not be limited to community services, social care, mental health, public health and voluntary sector and community groups.  

Working together with a wider team means we will be able to provide a more coordinated approach to patient care. It will ensure patients have access to the organisations that are the most appropriate to help and support them. The clinicians involved will be able to provide the skills and mentorship for each other, to work together, freeing up more time for them to focus on their areas of expertise. In addition, the closer working relationships will mean improved access to support and advice when needed. Collaborative working across ‘places’ means that there will be a pooled workforce which should create flexibility in clinicians’ roles.  

Clinical leadership
To support the development of Place-based Care in Heanor, Dr Justine Reid and Dr Anne Tompkinson have been identified as the joint Clinical Leads. Dr Reid is based at Kelvingrove and Dr Tompkinson is at The Park Surgery.  

What we are working on?
Heanor practices have been piloting a new scheme over the winter period where a clinician works with all practices in Heanor to carry out some home visits on their behalf. This has enabled increased capacity over the busy winter period and enables more patients to be seen. In addition to this, GPs have had some of their time freed up to see more patients in practice. Although this work does not have a full Place focus currently an evaluation of the pilot is being carried out to establish how this work could develop further across Place.